Landscaping is all about shaping your property to be a beautiful, functional place for you to call home. Sadly, there is no way to control the seasons, so you may be facing some unexpected weather obstacles. With colder weather on its way to settling in for the winter, there are some things you can do to prepare your property for the oncoming season that will minimize the yard work you’ll have to do in the fall.

Rake those leaves. Leaves left unraked can cause great damage to the ecosystem of your lawn. They can build up to form a thick, impenetrable layer that blocks out sunlight and nutrients, leaving your poor grass to die off. You may have to perform this chore more than once each year, so if you don’t like the physical labor you might want to invest in a leafblower.

Start a new lawn. As surprising as it seems, a new lawn can absolutely be started in the autumn. This gives the grass time to establish roots without getting cooked by the hot sun or frozen in the cold ground, and come spring you will have lush green grass carpeting your lawn.

Install a skating rink. Think ahead and plan for fun this winter. Personal skating rinks are popular in areas with long winters. Maintenance is fairly simple and the cold temperatures keep the rink frozen. Adults and kids alike will love the winter fun and who knows, maybe you could be raising the next Olympic figure skating gold medalist.

Take some time to think about the activities that you enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. Will the colder weather prevent you from enjoying these actions later on in the year? By analyzing your wants and needs, you’re better prepared to set up your lawn as a functional and fun part of your home instead of just a decorative exterior. Call us today to see how we can help.