Holidays are all about traditions, but this year, break loose from the traditions that are weighing you down and treat yourself to a more modern celebration. Here are a few tips on how you can go green and cut costs this holiday season.

4. You don’t have to kill your tree and you don’t have to settle for a fake one, either. If you’ve got the space outside, consider investing in a live Christmas tree in a decorative pot. Simply move the tree indoors for the Christmas season and add ornaments! When the holiday is over, you can just move the tree outdoors again. Don’t worry about the tree outgrowing your home – you can simply keep it pruned. The best part of having a live tree? Not having to sweep up so many dead needles and twigs off the floor!

3. You can cut costs on electricity by putting your holiday lights on a timer. Sure, they look lovely during the evening while everyone is awake to enjoy them, but do you really need to illuminate your whole property all night long? With a timer, your lights will turn themselves off right after bedtime and on again the next day.

2. Add solar powered lamps to your walkway. Winter is a dark and slippery season by nature, but you don’t have to put up with it. Line your walkway with solar powered lamps that will turn on automatically as it gets dark and recharge themselves in the sun all day long. The holiday season is a time for house guests, so keep your visitors safe by lighting their path. They’ll complement your other holiday lights nicely and they won’t even affect your electric bill!

1. Choose natural decorations over inflatable ones. While inflatable ornaments may seem easy, colorful and harmless, they can be pretty expensive for something so easily punctured. These decorations can also be a fire hazard if they’re set up improperly. Even if you are willing to risk your money or property for the sake of inflatable Santa, just think about how unsightly the deflated versions are. Why not decorate with earthy, traditional décor? It’s pretty likely you’ll be able to support someone in your local community who’s been making wreaths and pine cone garlands to sell during the holiday season, and there’s nothing more modern than supporting the local community.