Winter is coming whether you like it or not. If you live in New England and more specifically live near us in Central Massachusetts, you have actually seen some type of snowfall during the winter months. As you know by living here, some winters are better than others but the chances of getting a significant snowfall are pretty good in this area of the country.

Because we offer snow removal services in Fitchburg, Leominster and Lunenburg where you can always see pretty impressive snow totals, we know a thing or two about the topic of snow.
Here’s a few tips from our experts on the best ways for snow removal this coming winter.

Keep up with the snow removal
We know many of us have gotten used to working at home during the past couple of years with remote work. And it would be easy to just let the snow stay there but it’s a good idea to keep up with the shoveling and snow blowing on your property. Not only because it is a safety issue as well as an access concern but if you get a deep freeze after the snowstorm, much of your snow will end up being impossible to move. You don’t have to get rid of your snow all at once. You can do it in shifts.

In Massachusetts you need to be ready
Don’t be that person on the news that is buying a shovel at the last minute. Make sure you have the proper supplies you need before it snows. That includes shovels for general snow removal as well as shovels that may be able to chop through ice. Have plenty of ice melting materials on hand as well. You can use rock salt or other ice melting products. And don’t forget to have plenty of gas if you use a snow blower.

Be careful so you don’t hurt yourself
It may be just snow, but many emergency rooms in this part of the country see frequent visits from homeowners after snow removal. Snow can be heavy, and you can pull a muscle quickly. So make sure you use proper snow shoveling techniques such as lifting with your legs, and if the snow is too heavy, there is no need to overdo it. If you’re using a snow blower, make sure you can manage that machine effectively without getting hurt.

Hire a professional snow removal service
Hiring a snow plow service is a great alternative if you’re a busy professional, or if you just don’t want to deal with snow removal. A professional snow removal company will keep your driveway clean, and in some cases shovel your walkways as well. Don’t forget to ask them exactly what they offer for their services. And don’t forget to contact them early. If it starts snowing and you’re calling snow removal services, you may be out of luck.

Looking for the professionals to handle your snow removal this winter? Contact our team today!