Pond maintenance and renovation may be hard to think about after the kind of winter we’ve had here in New England and the grip it has held on the landscape weeks into spring. Nevertheless, spring will come and if you have an installed aquascape now’s the time to start thinking about getting it ready for the warmer weather ahead and performing some basic pond maintenance and renovation for Leominster, Massachusetts and throughout central New England.

If you’re not comfortable with – or even interested in – performing the pond maintenance and renovation work yourself, our water feature specialists at Forever Green will be happy to help. We’ll start by cleaning your filter and pump before new bacteria can take hold as the weather warms up. Over the winter stagnant water and decaying debris from fall leaf drops and other material can collect in the bottom of your filter box and clog things. Professional pond maintenance and renovation for Leominster, Massachusetts will ensure your filter system is thoroughly cleaned out and flowing easily.

And it’s not just the mechanical stuff that needs attention when renovating and maintaining a pond. Winter can do a number on plants — the foliage around your pond may have suffered some damage from the harsh New England weather that needs to be trimmed back and cleaned up so that your plants are primed for healthy, vigorous growth this spring.

Forever Green Landscaping specializes in various types of water features including:

  • Outdoor Living
  • Rainwater Recycling
  • Spring Pond Maintenance
  • Waterscape Maintenance

If you’ve got a fish pond with water plants such as water lilies, now’s a great time to divide and replant them, and maybe add some more submerged plants to get them established before the hot, slow summer weather sets in. It’s all part of a comprehensive pond renovation and maintenance service for Leominster, Massachusetts designed to help you get the most out of your aquascape and spend more time enjoying it.

If you’d like some advice on pond maintenance and renovation or want to get an estimate on professional pond maintenance, give us a call here at Forever Green Landscaping.

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