Planting Trees and Shrubs

image of trees and shrubsPlanting trees and shrubs requires more than just digging a hole in the ground and plopping a sapling or bush in it. Planting trees and shrubs in central Massachusetts requires an understanding of the regional environmental and local growing conditions for the genus and species of plant or plants you are considering. If you’re not familiar with planting trees and shrubs, you should consider hiring a professional landscaping firm such as, Forever Green. We have the experience, expertise, and proper equipment for successfully planting shrubs and trees in a wide range of types and sizes of plants.

Here are some tips for planting trees and shrubs for the do-it-yourselfer:

  • Put the tree in place and look at it. Walk around the tree. Turn it so its best side is facing toward your view. Make sure the trunk is straight.
  • Check the root level. Lay a long piece of board or hoe handle across the hole. The top of the root ball, or the spot where there is a color change on the trunk of a bare root tree, is where the soil should reach. Planting too deep or shallow can kill a tree.
  • Fill the hole halfway with soil. Gently step on it. Step back and make sure the tree has not tipped. Gently fill the hole with water, and let it soak in. Check the tree again and add soil up to the proper level.
  • Create a shallow berm around the tree. For the next year or so, whenever the weather is dry, fill the berm repeatedly, until no more water soaks in.
  • Spread one to three inches of mulch over the planting hole. This is enough to keep weeds down and conserve moisture. Do not mulch any deeper than this. Mulch applied too thick can invite rodents and other pests.

Planting trees and shrubs forms the background of your home’s landscape. Without them, beds and borders would seem to float on a sea of grass. Trees, shrubs, and vines define the landscape, indicating its limits and breaking it up into separate parts. Every yard needs more than just pretty flowers to make it complete. You’ll want the beauty and shade provided by planting trees and shrubs.

Not sure of what to plant and where? The landscaping professionals here at Forever Green can help you with every aspect of planting trees and shrubs – from picking the right plants for your environment to successfully planting and fertilizing them, to providing you with detailed information on their care.

Make planting trees and shrubs as easy and carefree as possible – let the experts at Forever Green handle it from start to finish.