Water Services

Water Services
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Spring Pond Maintenance – With just a little effort, your pond, waterscape, or water garden will be ready to provide beautiful and relaxing warm weather enjoyment for you and your family.
Rainwater Recycling – Water circulation, filtration, fish, plants, rocks and gravel all used to ensure a balanced system and long term sustainability.
Water Features – Properly designed and constructed, water gardens provide a harmonious ecological and environmental balance.
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Spring Pond Maintenance
Spring pond maintenance is something every pond owner should be thinking about as the winter draws to a close. Fall and winter create a harsh pond environment at needs attention as soon as the weather starts to improve.

Start your springtime pond maintenance by thoroughly cleaning the bottom of your pond to get rid of decaying plant matter that can release toxins into the water and harm your fish. If needed add fresh water, but be sure to de-chlorinate it first – even small amounts of chlorine can be detrimental to fish and other aquatic wildlife.

Clean your pump and filter before new bacteria begin to grow. Be sure to rinse your filter thoroughly and clean out the stagnant water and debris that may have collected in the bottom of the filter box. Once water temperatures have reached at least 55 degrees, add new bacteria to your pond to help keep the water clean and clear.

Check for foliage damage around the border of your pond and trim back any dead or winter-damaged growth to ensure healthy, productive plants and to keep dead organic matter from falling to your pond. If you have water lilies that are several years old and producing smaller leaves and fewer blooms, this is a good time to divide them and replant. Spring is a great time to add new submerged plants to help them get established and provide improved habitat for your fish.

With just a little effort, your pond, waterscape, or water garden will be ready to provide beautiful and relaxing warm weather enjoyment for you and your family.

Forever Green provides aquascape, water garden and pond design and installation in Fitchburg, Leominster, Lunenburg, and throughout central Massachusetts. Our services are competitive and reliable — call 978-534-5588 now to find out more about our services and to plan your spring and summer aquascape addition.


Why Aquascape?
Aquascape’s ecosystem approach to water gardening is based on recreating a naturally functioning ecosystem. Water circulation, filtration, fish, plants, rocks and gravel all used to ensure a balanced system and long term sustainability.
Aquascape is committed to further expand its environmental position by developing innovative new products with a focus on the environment and the long term sustainability of the world’s most precious resource, water.
The RainXchange™ System offers consumers the opportunity to do their part to address some of the challenges associated with drought and the increasing problem of excessive rainwater run-off.

Why Rainwater harvest?
The earth is known as the Blue Planet for a reason, it’s no surprise that water is a dominant part of our everyday lives. The world’s current challenge is to improve the planet’s water quality and then maintain clean and healthy water that supports all life forms in our diverse environment.

  • Capturing and reusing rainwater makes dollars and “sense”
  • Reduce water bills including city storm sewer charges
  • Alleviate demand on municipal systems
  • Avoid strict watering schedules
  • Better for your landscape than municipally treated water
  • Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients
  • Using rainwater to irrigate will reduce fertilizer use
  • No chemicals have been added to rainwater
  • The RainXchange™ system is revolutionary!
  • The Aquascape RainXchange™ System is a revolutionary design that combines a recirculating decorative water feature with a sub-surface rainwater harvest storage system.
  • Clean, Filtered Water Storage – While you enjoy the benefits of a decorative water feature, the RainXchange™ System filters the stored water to prevent stagnation and growth of unhealthy bacteria.

The RainXchange™ System reveals only a beautiful water feature that integrates easily into existing landscape.

Locating and storing the water underground maintains the integrity and beauty of your home and landscape.
Wildlife Habitat

Because the water stored in the RainXchange™ System is constantly moving through the atmosphere, it becomes a resource and sanctuary for wildlife.

Water Feature Lifestyle
Enhanced landscaping improves property value and water features provide soothing sights and sounds that help you relax and de-stress in today’s busy world.

Environmental Conservation
Capturing rainwater to operate the water feature creates true self-sustainability, drastically reducing the need for chemically-treated traditional water sources.

Water Features and Waterscapes

Would you love to come home from work and just sit and relax by your pond and watch colorful koi swim? Would a stream with water dancing over stones soothe your soul after a hard day at work?

If you answered yes to both of these questions, then a new water feature may be what you’re looking for.

Waterscapes and water gardens encompass a wide variety of features and designs including

  • Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Streams
  • Waterfalls.

At Forever Green Landscaping, we specialize in designing and constructing both ponds and pondless waterscapes. Since 2008, we’ve been Aquascape® certified. You can learn more about the Aquascape® system at their website.

All of our waterscapes are custom designed to creatively and attractively fit the natural features of your environment. Don’t trust those DIY kits—trust us instead to make your backyard a calming, beautiful masterpiece.

Our trained waterscape installation experts understand both the art and the science behind creating a gorgeous water feature that works with nature. Every water feature we create is made up of a self-contained ecosystem.

This eco-system is designed to minimize maintenance while promoting the growth and health of the plants and creatures that are part of your waterscape.

From serene fishponds to active, flowing, mossy streams, you’ll have years of enjoyment and natural music from your custom-created waterscape by Forever Green Landscaping.

Are you ready to add a water feature to your Central Massachusetts’ backyard? Then call us today at 978-534-5588 or fill out our contact form.

We serve all of Central Massachusetts including the cities of Bolton, Harvard, Lunenburg and Lancaster.