Professional Quality, From Start to FinishLandscape design and installation is an industry with a breathtaking range of businesses, skillsets, and levels of professionalism. Search for a landscaping company and you’ll find everything from a “mow and go” guy with a pickup truck to a national franchise operation.

To complicate matters even more, DIY television shows and websites encourage homeowners to take matters into their own hands, convincing viewers that with a little information and some tools from the local big box home improvement store, “you too can create the landscape of your dreams.” Unfortunately, this is often far from the truth.

High-quality, properly-installed landscaping features such as patios, walkways, plant beds, and aquascapes all require a level of skill and experience that few homeowners possess. The main reason is that this kind of work takes training, commercial equipment, and resources beyond the scope of your average homeowner.

Yes, hiring a professional landscaping company costs more than buying a do-it-yourself kit from a national chain store. But the money you’ll invest with a professional offers long term benefits and a return on your investment that goes far beyond the money that could be wasted on a DIY product of questionable quality and longevity.

Hiring a local professional landscaping firm such as Forever Green for regular property maintenance as well as special landscaping projects offers a number of benefits, including:

Experience and expertise You might be envisioning a unique landscape project such as a water feature or fire pit patio – but do you have the skills necessary to successfully complete it? At Forever Green, we have trained and experienced professionals who can design, install, and maintain virtually any landscape feature that you can dream of.

Cost savings Landscaping professionals such as the team here at Forever Green can provide the on-going maintenance required to keep your lawn and gardens in peak condition, helping you avoid expensive repair-and-replace projects to fix problems caused by pests, weather, and poor soil conditions. And that plastic fish pond you might be considering will have to be replaced in a year or two, while a high-quality, professionally-installed aquascape will provide pleasure and lasting beauty for decades.

Increased home value Professional landscaping significantly increases the value of any home. A beautiful, well-maintained lawn and gardens and professionally-installed, quality landscaping features are a major selling point for homes.

That old adage still holds true: “you get what you pay for.” Don’t waste time and money with a DIY weekend project when you can have it professionally designed and installed for complete quality, from start to finish.