It’s that time of year when you look out your window and wonder if spring will ever get here. For those of us who live in central Massachusetts, some years, winter never seems to end. But we know under those piles of snow is a yard just waiting for new landscaping ideas. Green grass and all.

Winter is a great time to plan for new landscaping ideas for the upcoming warmer seasons. Because once that snow melts and the temperatures rise, you can put that plan into action and enjoy your new surroundings for as long as the weather permits.

Check out our expert tips for planning landscaping in the winter

Look back at previous seasons

Sit back and think about the past few years. When you have sat out in your yard, what have you always said to yourself that you’d like to do with your property? What types of features have you always dreamed of? Have you thought about a firepit or a new custom patio? Put all these ideas down on paper.

Look for new ideas   

There’s a reason why all those home and garden magazines are at the checkout counter at the supermarket. Because they grab your attention, and they give you great ideas for landscaping. And there are so many other places you can find inspiration online. You can search Instagram and Pinterest and you can even find great ideas on YouTube. Take some time and get an idea of what you want your yard to look like. Plus, in the dead of winter, these photos and videos might even cheer you up.

Consult with a professional landscaper

Winter is a great time to start speaking with a local landscaping company. You can get ideas from them about what you can do with your property and you can get on their schedule early. A professional team will know exactly what they can do with your type of property including plantings, shrubs and hardscape installations. Getting on their schedule early is a huge advantage.

Get creative

There are so many ways to bring nature into your backyard and when you work with a professional, you’ll see how these ideas can be put into action. You could think about a water feature or even a dry riverbed to add a relaxing and natural element to your property. Work with your landscape designer to lay out a plan and choose the products and plants carefully. Walking out and experiencing these natural features can add an element of calm to your property that you’ll enjoy all season long. And for years to come.


As with any home improvement or landscaping project, you will want to set a budget. You want to know how much a landscape designer costs and you will want to know how much all the products and plantings will be. The professionals you work with will help you set the budget and understand all the costs involved and creating your new dream backyard.

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