birds eye view of a patio and lawnAs a landscaping company in Central Massachusetts, our team and or course our customers need to endure a whole host of seasonal elements. In the spring around here, it can be raining and 34 degrees in the morning and by lunchtime, it can be sunny and 70 degrees. And that’s just in a single day. Us New Englanders see just about everything.

Weather can take its toll on our landscaping in New England and when we do get to spring, many of us are ready to see something green. Spring is a great time to refresh your property and give your entire yard a makeover. And if you get off to a good start, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard all season long.

Here are a few things we recommend to our customers to take care of in the spring:

Spring Cleanup:
The winter can be harsh on your yard and other elements. It’s the best time to clean up all those fallen branches and leaves. And for some reason, in Central Massachusetts, we seem to get the jackpot when it comes to weather. So that means, you’ll have a lot more to do in terms of a yard cleanup in the spring. If you don’t have the time, hire a professional landscaping company. A crew will come in and in no time, you’ll see the difference when your yard isn’t full of remnants from the fall and winter.

Bark Mulch:
It’s like night and day when you clean up your flower beds and the landscaping around your shrubs and trees and lay down a fresh coat of bark mulch. It just speaks spring and puts a brand new look on your yard. Bark mulch not only looks great around your yard and even your swimming pool but it also serves as a weed blocker, so spring is a great time to have bark mulch put down.

Hardscape Projects:
The ground here in New England has warned up and it is the perfect time to get moving on those hardscaping projects. If you have been looking at that tired patio for years, or maybe your walkway has been in disrepair for a period of time, now is the time to have that all taken care of so you can enjoy it and the rest of your yard for months to come.

New Ideas:
Have you ever looked at your yard and thought about a whole new look? Spring is a great time to renovate your yard, create a new layout and do some planting to create the backyard of your dreams. From new shrubs and trees to creating a new relaxing layout around your custom swimming pool, this is the time to put a little inspiration into your property.

Lawn Fertilizer:
If you want that thick green lawn and get a head start on controlling the weeds in your yard, get a head start on feeding your lawn. The best way to have a lush yard all season long is to establish a regime of feeding and weed prevention. Ask our experts for advice on what to use and how often to feed your lawn.

At Forever Green Landscaping, we are big fans of creating beautiful backyards and making the most of our seasons. Want more tips and ideas? Contact our experts today or check out more advice on our blog.