If you are like many families, you may not be using your outdoor living area to the fullest. Maybe it has been neglected over the years or maybe you have not had the time to keep it up the way you’d like to. As professional landscapers, we see all kinds of yards and in many different conditions. And we get calls from many families, ready to plan out a new vision for their outdoor living area.

If you are ready to revamp your tired old yard both front and backyard, it is time to decide what your vision is for your yard and your family. Just having grass to cut each week is no fun so put some thought behind your outdoor area.

How do I plan for a new yard?

Start With a Vision

What do you want your yard to do for you? Are there areas that are not functional? And are there parts of your yard that need to be reworked? For example, do you have stairs or other parts of your property that are crumbling and need to be replaced anyway? This is a great time to decide what you want to do such as just replace or come up with a new idea for that space.

Is there a part of your yard that is not being used that you could turn into a new spot for relaxing? For example, would you like a custom firepit and custom stonework such as a new patio? Maybe you want to go big and install a hot tub and landscape everything around it. Put all your ideas on paper and start to think about your ideal yard.


As with any home improvement project, you’ll need to decide what type of budget you are comfortable with. While recreating the way your lawn is shaped and any flower beds might be on the less expensive side, when you get into other areas such as a new patio or other types of custom stone work, you’ll need to plan for those investments in your yard.


What type of yard to you really want? And, what type of maintenance are you willing to put into it. Do you like working in the yard? Many families like to spend time in the yard doing some type of maintenance on the weekends to relax. Some want a hassle-free yard with little to do. Ask yourself how much work you want to put into your new yard of if you want to create a low maintenance yard. There are many ways and planning options that can save you time.

Get Help

There are a few ways to get help with your new backyard. First, it is a great idea to hire a landscape designer. A professional will know exactly how to put your vision into action and they will know how to handle and work with various types of properties such as hills, and other variations in topography. They will also be able to bring fresh ideas that you may not have through about. And a professional landscaper will help you stick with your budget and help you select products and other items.

Ready for that new yard? Contact our team today and let’s chat about your vision for that gorgeous and functional yard.