We all have our idea of a backyard paradise. Some of us like a gorgeous in-ground swimming pool and others like to install a custom fire pit and all the custom stonework around it to make a backyard feel like home. Coming home to your own personal oasis is something many of our clients strive for and whatever you enjoy and makes you relaxed, you should have.

Some families also enjoy the wildlife in their yards and create the surroundings necessary to foster that type of welcoming environment. There’s nothing like hearing the chirping sounds of happy birds to complete your backyard and put you set the mood for the day and beyond. But how to you attract birds to your backyard?

How to create a backyard for birds

Set a budget:

Like any home improvement project, make sure you set a budget. Decide how much you want to invest in preparing your backyard for birds and then get pricing on everything you want to purchase. The costs for various plants and other items can vary depending on where you decide to purchase so set that budget and do your homework.

Layout an area:

How much of your backyard do you want to dedicate to attracting birds on your property? Experts do recommend reducing open areas as birds are attracted to thick layers of plant material. And while you may not want your entire yard inhabited by birds, creating enough space for them to frequent, is something to consider if you want them coming back.

Choose your plants:

Experts recommend planting native plants in your yard. Birds can be attracted to plants and trees they are familiar with in other areas so while it might look nice to plant that exotic tree in your yard, the birds might not be attracted to it. Experts also agree that layering plants can go a long way in attracting birds of many kinds. Also, find plant of different types that are native. Don’t just plant four of the same tree or shrub.

Go Organic

If you want the birds coming back time over time, make them comfortable with organic materials. Limit pesticides that you might be using and try to find other organic products such as fertilizers and weeding methods. While none of us like bugs, birds do so you may want to let some of the bugs stay in certain parts of the yard.

Other features

There are so many other ways to invite birds onto your property. You can create a small waterfall, place birdbaths in areas in your yard and put up small birdhouses. You can find these attractions at your local hardware store or at your larger home improvement stores. But one of the best places is your local garden supply store.

You can also contact a professional landscaping company, such as Forever Green Landscaping, to guide you through any redesign of your property and to advise you on pants and other products to purchase.