The winter can give your yard a beating in some areas of the country and New England yards feel the effect of winter much more. With day to day changes in weather and temperature, yards, trees, plants shrubs and hardscapes can show their wear at the end of a season.

As winter ends and you get your yard ready for spring, there are many things you should be attending to make sure you can enjoy every minute of the upcoming spring and summer seasons in New England.

Take care of your lawn:

You’ll find that throughout the winter, your lawn can take a thrashing. You can see patches of brown and bare spots; growth pretty much stops here in the winter and cold air can remove any moisture from your grass. First, make sure you go around the yard and pick up any branches that have fallen. Next, you’ll want to get your rake out and remove any debris that has accumulated over the winter months. A lot of small debris can accumulate in your yard and the only way to remove those small items is to start raking.

Shrubs and other plants:

There are many shrubs and other plants in your yard that should be tended to in the spring. Depending on the plant, you will want to trim them back to get them ready for new growth and blooming. For example, shrubs that flower in the summer are usually the ones that require pruning in the spring for maximum growth. If you have ornamental grasses, they should be tended to as well. And plants such as lilies or Hostas should be cleaned up of dead growth from the prior season. Check all your shrubs and small trees for any broken branches and if you have any wrap to protect those plants, make sure you remove those.

Check your pathways:

Along with your grass and other plants, your walkways and steps can feel the brunt of a cold winter. You’ll want to go around and inspect all these areas of your yard. Check brick walkways for loose and broken bricks, check stairs for cracks and other damage and get those repairs done soon. They look bad but they can cause someone to get hurt if unattended. If you don’t feel comfortable doing these repairs on your own, contact a local company that builds and maintains walkways, stairs and other hardscapes for years.

You might also want to check your fencing and add that to your list. Your fencing and even trellises can take a beating over the winter so it is a very good idea to check these structures for any damage and loose parts. And even plan on painting if needed.


Mulch looks great and for some, they even love the smell because it says that spring is here. However, mulch can help keep weeds out of your yard, it can help keep water in the places you need it most such as flower beds and shrub areas, and it breaks down eventually helping to feed the soil below. Mulch can also help to maintain temperature where you need it the most and protect certain plants. You will need to clean out your flower beds ahead of time to remove any dead leaves and other branches and sticks that have fallen.

Winter is over and it is now time to enjoy your yard for as long as you can. Get a head start, get that yard fixed up and begin the process of enjoying your yard with family and friends.