It’s official! Many of us will be spending much more time at home this coming season and our new staycation destination will be our own yard.

It’s been quite a year with the COVID-19 crisis and while the country is opening back up slowly, we know that many of you will still want to be careful this coming season to ensure the safety of your family and others. That means you’ll be spending much more time hanging around the home and enjoying the family, which we feel is not such a bad thing after all. Your home is your castle and you should take some time to enjoy your own surroundings and of course your investment.

What are some ways to spruce up your backyard this season?

Look at your patio

This would be a great time to repair or replace that patio in your backyard. One of the ways we have been helping families enjoy their backyards is to make their outdoor space as welcoming and functional as possible. As outdoor living experts, we have created patios and other custom stonework that has allowed families to spend time relaxing and entertaining others. Take a look at your patio and if you see any damage or years of wear and tear, it might be time to look at your options. You may even want to expand your patio and we have done that for many. Don’t forget to take a look at your patio furniture and get everything you need to relax.

Outdoor features

There is no better way to enjoy the evening or for that matter, any time of day, than with some outdoor features that bring in nature to your property. How awesome would your backyard look with your own waterfall, small pond or a fountain to create that luxury atmosphere? Or how about that custom fire pit, outdoor kitchen or stacked urns that also serve as a water feature. There are so many ways to bring nature into your yard and you can create your own vision. You might find that you’ll never want to leave your backyard and you’ve found your ultimate vacation spot.

Outdoor lighting

Another great way to enhance your entire yard is to install outdoor lighting. By placing outdoor lighting around your yard, you can accomplish a number of things. First, outdoor lighting looks great at any time of the year. Even in the winter, outdoor lighting can create some fantastic effects in your yard. There are many types of lighting. You have pathway lights that can accent your walkways and patios and you can install other outdoor lighting that accents your trees and shrubs, creating highlights around those areas. Other ways of using outdoor lighting include around your swimming pool or hot tub and you can even find some really cool lights to accent your decking and home.

Lights also create safety in your yard for you and your guests. So they look good and serve a purpose.

Are you ready to make your backyard your home paradise? If you plan on spending more time at home this season, contact our team and let’s make your home as relaxing as it can be.