You have bought the home of your dreams, and you want to use it much more. Maybe you are tired of spending tons of money on expensive vacations several times a year and want to spend more time close to home. If you are looking for ideas to stay close to home this season, we have one of the best.

A custom outdoor firepit.

Think of all the family memories you could build with your own backyard camping experience. Not only does a custom firepit create a relaxing atmosphere, but if you get creative, you can even cook with it for the ultimate backyard camping adventure. Imagine hot dogs and Smores, right on your own backyard campfire.

You can buy all types of budget style firepits to place in your yard. But why not create a masterpiece that will last for many years to come. With a little extra thought and planning, you can have quite the centerpiece for your backyard that will be waiting for you and your family every weekend.

Decide on a location.

You will need to decide where you want to build your custom firepit. While you’ll want to check in with your city or town office, most experts agree that you should build it no less than 25 feet from any structure. That includes your home or a garden shed. Also, build your firepit in a location that has easy access and one that you’ll want to spend lots of time at. You will also want to take into consideration how it looks in relation to the rest of your property.

Hire a professional or DIY?

There are many professional landscaping companies the build custom firepits in your area. While we recommend a professional touch, sometimes families like to tackle this project on their own. However, you build your firepit, make sure you follow all safety procedures, codes pertaining to fire elements, and follow a proven system to avoid any fire hazards and safety issues. You want a safe place to gather, and proper installation is a must. Hire a professional if there is any doubt.

Choose the right materials.

There are so many ways you can build a firepit, and there are countless materials you can use to make it your own. There are some basics, such as the cement blocks you may need for the base of the firepit and any steel ring that you use. The steel ring is important because it will help preserve your stonework from drying out and cracking. Choosing the correct building materials will help your firepit last for many years. You’ll also want to put your own look on it by choosing a stone covering that makes you happy and looks good with the rest of your outdoor living experience.

Complete your project with furniture.

Choosing the right furniture will put the finishing touch on your backyard camping experience. You have so many options. You can select some chairs from your local garden store, or you can go the luxury route and find custom chairs, benches, and other items to complete your small backyard oasis. Whatever your taste is, it’s up to you. Just make sure you have a place for all your friends to sit because they will want to come over all the time.

A custom firepit is a must if you are planning to stay at home more often, and have that staycation spot in your backyard. You will get years of relaxation and family memories out of your project.