The year 2020 has been a year of staying close to home. With safety on everyone’s mind, many have opted to turn their home and their property into the ultimate staycation destination. And what better location to have a relaxing place to kick back and enjoy at any time of the day.

While many have embarked on home renovation projects such as decks, new kitchens, and maybe even an addition for extra room, our team has been busy renovating lawns for many happy families. That’s right, we are creating new lawns for many homeowners. If you are going to stay close to home, wake up and open those shades, that lawn better make you happy each morning.

What should I consider when renovating my lawn?

First, think about core aeration. By having a professional landscaping company in your area perform aeration you can accomplish a few things for your lawn. It allows for the adequate absorption of fertilizer as well as water which are key to a healthy lawn. It loosens up soil which also promotes a rich green lawn and allows roots to grow deeper. And aerating can also loosen up dead parts of your lawn that could be suffocating it. Some call it thatch.

Next, you’ll want to consider hydroseeding.

Why is hydroseeding better?

We prefer hydroseeding over traditional methods for a number of reasons. First, hydroseeding is quick both in application and growth. If you are looking for a new lawn, you might be considering laying down sod, but hydroseeding costs much less, and the application is performed much faster, getting you well on your way to that renovated green look.

Your hydroseed mixture will also fasten itself to the yard soil much faster so it will minimize any damage birds may cause by feeding on your new lawn application.

Control drainage issues in my yard for function and looks

Another way to help improve the look, feel and function of your lawn is to improve drainage in your yard. That’s done in a few ways. First, landscaping companies can create a French drain around areas, most commonly around the foundation of your home. You can control water flow, especially towards your home, but they can also look appealing with the right type of materials or stones. You’ll fend off expensive water damage to your home and you’ll have a great looking yard in the process.

Another way to control water is with a dry riverbed. Not only does a dry riverbed offer a fantastic way to control yard drainage, but you can get really imaginative and create a centerpiece for your yard. This is one of the best ways to renovate your lawn and your entire yard. We recommend checking out Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas.

And another way to create a backyard oasis and control water flow is to create a rain garden. A rain garden is built by digging out an area in the yard, making it lower and allowing it to collect rainwater and other runoff from your home,  such as gutter downspouts. If you are building a rain garden in New England, make sure you look into native plants that grow naturally in the northeast. Your rain garden expert can walk you through all the ins and outs of building this on your property and recommend the proper types of plants for rain gardens. This is one of the best ways to bring nature on to your property.

While there are many other ways to enhance your property such as new hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, decking and more, some of these natural improvements can give you and your family years of enjoyment.

Want more ideas on renovating your lawn? Contact our team today!