We live in one of the best regions in the world and that’s the New England area. Our seasons are so diverse, and when it comes to autumn in New England, you can find no better place to experience the robust colors of Mother Nature. While our team may be working harder than ever during the Fall season, handling Fall cleanups and other landscaping duties, we find it is the best time to be working outside because everyone on our team can experience the full effect of nature in New England during this season.

Fall is a great time to be conducting various landscaping projects to get your property ready for next year. The more you do in the Fall to your property, the more prepared you’ll be for seeing a green, and colorful yard in the coming year.

What are the best landscaping projects for the Fall season?

Planting shrubs:

Fall is just about the best season for planting and specifically planting shrubs. You have warm soil and cooler air which helps promote healthy root growth which is crucial to having blooming shrubs during the next year and beyond. If you want to plant shrubs in the Fall, consult your landscaping professional, and together decide on the best shrubs for your property taking into consideration long term growth and enjoyment.

Make the most of the season:

If you want to make the most out of the Fall season in your yard, put as much color as you possibly can into it. Your local landscaper can offer many suggestions for places of color throughout your property. Including flowers that bloom in the Fall, incorporating pumpkins, and other colorful items that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Summer is very colorful, but you have to admit, Fall has its own incredible colors that will make your property pop.

Gathering areas:

Fall is also a great time to look at the areas in your backyard where you can gather family and friends. A custom fire pit could be the start, and you could move into other projects such as seating areas, plants that look good in multiple seasons, and other custom features that will give your backyard the look and feel of a place of solitude.

Plant bulbs:

If you are thinking about tons of color in your yard for spring and summer, you need to start planning now and that’s why you need to plant bulbs in the Fall. What are some recommendations? Ask your local landscaping company for ideas on the types of flowers you can plant in the Fall, the areas in your yard you would like to plant and other elements to make those colors pop during spring and summer. Planning your flowers in the Fall will result in amazing colors next year.

 Bring items inside:

You will also want to bring various outdoor items inside. That includes lawn, garden and deck furniture. If you have colorful pots in your backyard or on your deck you will want to consider bringing those inside as well to make sure the wide swings in temperature don’t damage or crack those pots.

Need more ideas and advice on what to do for Fall landscaping projects? Contact our team today and let’s get started.