It’s here. Winter has finally arrived in New England. And we have found there are two types of New Englanders. Those that love the snow and many who could do without it. While many of us may like to ski and participate in other winter sports, some of us do not like what the snow and other winter elements can do to our landscaping.

Winter has its way of taking its toll on the trees and shrubs on your property. Everything from the snow, cold air, freezing rain, and winds, as well as, temperature swings can cause damage to any of the trees or shrubs in your yard. How you maintain them, even year-round can make a big difference in their overall health.

How do I prepare the trees in my yard for winter?

Healthy plants are like us humans. The more we take care of them, the better they can weather the storm. So, preparing your trees and shrubs for the winter starts in the warmer seasons. Depending on the type of tree, you will need to care for those in different ways. One of the best ways is to bring in a professional landscaping company to survey your property and give you a plan for caring for the trees and shrubs in your yard. They can identify the plant type and show you how to care for those properly during the year.

Our basic tips for caring for trees in the winter

For your Evergreen trees and shrubs in the yard, we recommend wrapping them for the winter. One of the most common ways to do this is with burlap wrapping. For your trees, wrap the trunk with the burlap and secure it tightly. You will also protect the trunks of your trees and shrubs from rodents and other animals gnawing at them by wrapping them.

We think of laying down mulch in the spring to make our yards look appealing, but mulch helps protect a tree during the colder seasons. So think about laying down a little extra mulch around your shrubs and trees for added warmth, as well as, to retain moisture.

You will want to keep products such as ice melt and rock salt away from trees, if possible. These products overtime will interfere with the root system of the tree and damage shrubs or trees for the long term.

You can prune your trees and shrubs in the winter but again, it all depends on the type of plant. For many plants when they are dormant it is the best time to prune. But you should always consult your professional landscaper to make sure you are not causing permanent damage to that shrub or tree. If you prune at the wrong time you may never see growth again.

With winter in New England comes heavy snow and sometimes ice. Those two elements can break tree branches during a storm. The best advice is to not tear that branch off the tree. It will damage the plant and inhibit new growth for the future. We feel the best way to avoid branches breaking in the winter is having your trees professionally trimmed before the cold season starts. A professional can find any tree branches that may be prone to breaking under harsh conditions.

Hiring a professional to maintain your trees and shrubs it’s still one of the best ways to keep them healthy for years to come. Please contact our team to learn more about how we can keep your property looking great all year long period.