A home with beautiful landscaping not only looks and feels good and at the same time, creates a welcoming environment but a great yard adds tremendous value to your home. It’s not just that new open kitchen or luxurious bathroom that can add dollar signs to the value of your home. Having a well-manicured yard that also provides your family with a place of solitude can add a ton of appeal to your property.

As professional landscapers, we have helped countless families not only create relaxing settings in their yard but in doing so have helped to improve what the property is worth. Here are a few ways you can add value to your home with landscaping.

Curb appeal

We have all driven by those homes that look gorgeous from the street. Great curb appeal is a well-manicured lawn, shrubs and flowers that seem to fit perfectly with the front of the home and hardscaping such as stairs and sidewalks that just look like they were meant to be there. Curb appeal welcomes you home and welcomes your friends to your dream home, and that adds value to your property.

Backyard living area

Having a place you can kick back and relax during the evening or weekends is a huge plus. There are endless opportunities to create a mini paradise in your backyard. Consider a custom-built patio with a fire pit. This provides a great place for you to hang out with family and friends. Make sure your lawn is well taken care of and get the advice of a professional landscaper for ideas on the right shrubs and other plants.

Create some privacy

Having areas of your property where you are not going to be disturbed or hear endless road noise is another way to add value to your property. Many of us cannot relax while sitting out in the open and having places on our property where you can almost hide from others is a great feature.

Easy yard maintenance

If you like spending hours maintaining your property, that’s fine. But many do not want the hassle so creating a property that is low maintenance is a great quality. Having a yard that almost takes care of itself is something many homeowners want and desire. And if you work with a professional landscaping company, they can offer many ideas on how to achieve this.

Outdoor lighting adds value

Having the right outdoor lighting is another way to add value to your property. We feel it needs to be done right in order to achieve this. There are many ways to add various types of lighting to your property but keep in mind a professional can show you several ways to achieve your goals including accenting just the right parts of your property. Accenting trees and other plants can make your home look spectacular during the evening hours.

Are you interested in adding more value to your property this coming season? Contact our team and let our professionals give you some great ideas for maximizing your property value and your curb appeal.